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Thank you for visiting Jefferson Street Baptist Church online. We want to highlight the worship, fellowship, Bible study and service opportunities available.


Come on in for a visit; we would love to meet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ.

Jefferson Street Baptist Church Eureka Kansas, Jefferson Street Baptist Church
Pastor John Craighead
Regular Services 


- Sunday -

  9:30 AM Sunday School

10:45 AM Worship Service

  6:00 PM -  Worship Service


- Wednesday -

All Activities at 6:00 PM

Children In Action

Youth Group

Adult Bible Study


Mission Statement



     God as we



     people to Jesus



     them with other believers



     them for ministry and



     them into His service

Sunday Morning Services at 10:45

Acts History of the Church.png
Join us for this series on the
The Book of Acts

Sunday Evenings at 6:00

(Fellowship Hall)

  • Topical Discussion

  • Prayer

  • Singing

Business Meeting 2nd Sunday 6pm

Wednesday Adult Bible Study at 6pm


A Study on Angels

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